Electrical Switch Price List and Buying Guide

If you’re looking for the best price on electrical switches in the Philippines, you might be overwhelmed by the number of choices.

Electrical switches are things that control the flow of power in a circuit.

They can be used for many things, including lights, appliances, security systems, and more.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the most popular types of switches in the Philippines and their price tags.

What is an Electrical Switch?

What is Electrical Switch

An electrical switch is a device that controls the flow of electricity in a circuit.

It can be operated by hand or automatically, and it is a very important part of avoiding electrical disturbances and possible damage.

Electrical switches come in different sizes and shapes that can be used to handle circuits in small or large buildings.

Different types of switches use different ways to measure pressure, such as the foot, flow, heat, or manual control.

In the Philippines, the prices of electrical switches range based on their features and specifications.

Types of Switches

Types of Electrical Switch
  1. Toggle Switch: A toggle switch is a common switch that has a lever to turn on or off a circuit.
  2. Foot Switch: It turns on when you press on it with your foot, so you can use it without your hands.
  3. Joystick Switch: Devices with a handle that moves in different directions are controlled by a joystick switch.
  4. Level Switch: The level switch can tell how much liquid, solid, or powder is in a jar or pipe.
  5. Limit Switch: Limit switches are activated when a machine part or other item moves. They stop motion or signal events.
  6. Magnetic Switch: A security system or other device that uses magnetism to work.
  7. Pressure Switch: Senses the pressure of a fluid or gas to control compressors, pumps, valves, or alarms.
  8. Proximity Switch: Uses infrared, ultrasonic, capacitive, or inductive sensors to find things without touching them.
  9. Pushbutton Switch: With different shapes, colors, symbols, or lights, pushing a pushbutton switch turns circuitry on or off.
  10. Rocker Switch: Moves back and forth to control circuit, has one or more settings, and can be lit up if you want.
  11. Rotary Switch: The rotary switch lets you choose between different choices, such as the volume, fan speed, or mode.
  12. Selector Switch: The knob or lever on a selector switch is moved to choose factors like temperature, voltage, or function.
  13. Slide Switch: A switch that can be moved between two places to turn circuits on or off or to change the mode.
  14. Thumbwheel Switch: This type of switch has wheels that can be turned with your thumb to set a number or code. It is found in timers, locks, and other places.
  15. Wall Switch: Wall switches are attached to walls and can be used to control gadgets. They can be toggle, rocker, or smart switches.

The Different Types of Process Switches

Liquid Level Switch Type of Process Switch

In industrial processes, process switches are used to measure and control things like speed, pressure, temperature, level, and flow.

Examples include:

  • Speed Switch: This device checks the speed of spinning and tells a controller if it goes above or below a set point.
  • Pressure Switch: Checks the pressure of a fluid or gas and alerts a processor if it goes above or below a set point.
  • Temperature Switch: Checks the temperature of a substance or gadget and alerts a controller if it goes above or below a set point.
  • Nuclear Level Switch: Measures the amount of liquid or solid in a tank by using radioactive sources and monitors.
  • Liquid Level Switch: A switch that measures how much liquid is in a tank by using floats, wires, optical sensors, or ultrasonic sensors.
  • Liquid Flow Switch: Measures the flow of liquid in a pipe or channel by using paddles, fans, vortex sensors, or magnetic sensors.

Electrical Switch Price List

In the Philippines, the price of electrical switch depends on things like type, brand, quality, features, and number.

Here are price ranges for some popular types of switches:

Electrical Switch TypePrice
Toggle Switch₱10 – ₱50
Rocker Switch₱10 – ₱50
Slide Switch₱10 – ₱50
Pushbutton Switch₱10 – ₱100
Rotary Switch₱50 – ₱200
Selector Switch₱50 – ₱200
Wall Switch₱50 – ₱500
Thumbwheel Switch₱100 – ₱500
Limit Switch₱100 – ₱500
Magnetic Switch₱100 – ₱500
Proximity Switch₱200 – ₱1,000
Foot Switch₱300 – ₱1,000
Joystick Switch₱500 – ₱2,000
Level Switch₱500 – ₱5,000
Pressure Switch₱500 – ₱5,000

Thing You Should Know about Electrical Switch

When buying electricity switches in the Philippines, it’s important to think about the following things:

  • Purpose and function: Choose a type of switch that fits your unique needs. For example, if you want to control the lights without using your hands, choose a foot switch.
  • Voltage and current ratings: Make sure the switch can handle the voltage and current of your system. Check the switch’s ratings to make sure they are right for the power supply, like a 220V AC switch for a 220V power source.
  • Good quality and safety: Buy switches from well-known brands and sellers who offer guarantees and service after the sale. Check licenses and approvals from PEC or IEC to make sure the product works well.
  • Installation and maintenance: For good installation and use of a switch, follow the instructions from the manufacturer or supplier. Check and clean the switch often to avoid problems with its performance caused by dust, dirt, moisture, or rust.

By thinking about these things, you can buy and keep electrical switches in an informed way.

Electrical switches are important for controlling the flow of power in circuits. They are used for many things, such as lighting, appliances, and security systems.

There are different kinds of these electrical switch, which can be told apart by their form, size, function, price, and how they work.

We hope this post has helped you learn what you need to know to buy the electrical switch you need.


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