Electric Fence Parts Price List & Buying Guide

Before installing an electric fence, you must know what parts you will need, how they operate, how to install them effectively and how much they price in the market.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the electric fence parts price in Philippines, which usually ranges from 2,000 to 12,000.

What are Electric Fence Parts?

What is Electric Fence Parts

An electric fence comprises essential components that work together to create a safe and effective system:

  1. Energizer: This device turns the power source into high-voltage pulses that move along the fence lines and determine how strong and effective the fence is.
  2. Wire: Made of steel, aluminum, or polywire, it moves the electric shocks from the energizer to the fence posts and back.
  3. Posts: These strong pieces of wood, metal, or plastic hold up the wire and keep it from touching the ground.
  4. Insulators: Devices that keep the wire from hitting the ground or anything else that conducts electricity. They hold the wire to the posts.
  5. Grounding system: The current can move back to the energizer through the grounding system, which is made up of ground rods, clamps, and lead-out wire.

Optional Accessories to enhance functionality and safety:

  1. Gate handles: Insulated handles that enable safe opening and closing of the gate.
  2. Fence testers: Devices to measure voltage and current for troubleshooting.
  3. Warning signs: Inform people about the presence and potential danger of the electric fence.
  4. Cut-out switches: Enable isolation of fence sections for maintenance or repairs.

Most Important Electric Fence Parts

3 Important Electric Fence Parts

Even though all electric fence parts are necessary for a good installation, some are more important than others.

Here are some of the most important electric fence parts and what they do:

  • Energizer: The energizer gives high-voltage pulses along the lines of the electric fence. It decides how strong and effective the fence is, and you should choose it based on the power source, the length of the fence, and the type of animals you want to keep out.
  • Wire: The electric shocks travel from the energizer to the fence posts and back along the conductive wire. When picking the wire, think about how it conducts electricity, how long it will last, and how easy it is to see.
  • Grounding system: The grounding system completes the circuit so that current can flow back to the energizer. It’s important for the fence to work well and keep people safe. Check often for corrosion or links that aren’t tight.

Electric Fence Parts Price List

Electric Fence Parts Price

The price of electric fence parts relies on many things, such as quality, quantity, brand, type, size, and location.

But to give you a general idea of how much you can expect to pay for electric fence parts in Philippines, here is a sample price list based on online sources:

Electric Fence PartPrice (PHP)
Connector (splice) for wire to wire₱2
Connector (crimp) for wire to wire₱3
Connector (clip) for wire to post₱5
Connector (clamp) for wire to wire₱10
Insulator (plastic) for wood post₱15
Insulator (plastic) for metal post₱20
Insulator (porcelain) for wood post₱25
Spring (coil) for wire₱50
Tensioner (in-line strainer) for wire₱100
Post (wood) 2 x 2 x 6 ft₱150
Tensioner (spring) for wire₱150
Tensioner (ratchet) for wire₱200
Post (metal) T-shape 6 ft₱250
Spring (gate) for wire₱250
Ground rod (galvanized) 6 ft₱300
Post (plastic) round 5 ft₱300
Wire (polywire) 6 strands 400 m/roll₱1,200
Wire (steel) 2 mm diameter 500 m/roll₱3,500
Wire (aluminum) 1.8 mm diameter 850 m/roll₱6,865
Energizer (battery) 1 joule₱8,000
Energizer (solar) 0.5 joule₱10,000
Energizer (mains) 2 joules₱12,000

Note that these prices are just estimates and may change depending on how the market is doing and if the goods are available.

Electric Fence Parts Installation

Installing Electric Fence

Installing an electric fence involves careful planning and preparation. Follow these steps for a successful installation:

  1. Plan the plan of your fence, taking into account the length, height, wire, posts, energizer, and grounding system. Check the rules in your area.
  2. Clear the area of plants and mark where the posts and gates will go.
  3. Set up the posts firmly and levelly.
  4. Using insulation and tensioners, connect wires while making sure they are tight and spaced out evenly.
  5. Use a fence tester to check for electricity, current, and other problems with the fence.
  6. Put up warning signs to make people aware of safety.

Things You Should Know About Electric Fence Parts

Here are some additional tips and information that you should know about electric fence parts:

  • How many wires are needed for electric fence?
    Depending on their function and design, electric fences usually have anywhere from one to six wires.
  • Why do you need 3 ground rods for electric fence?
    Using three ground rods makes sure that an electric fence is properly grounded, which makes it work better and keep people safer.
  • Does an electric fence need earthing?
    Yes, electric fences need to be connected to the ground in the right way for them to work.
  • Can electric fence wires touch?
    To avoid short circuits, electric fence lines shouldn’t touch each other or anything else that conducts electricity.
  • Does electric fence have a battery?
    Some electric fences get their power from batteries, either as a back-up or as the main source of power.
  • Can I use steel wire for electric fence?
    Electric gates can be made with steel wire, but it isn’t as good as aluminum wire in some ways.
  • What’s the top part of a fence called?
    The cap or rail is the top part of a fence. It gives the fence power and a nice look.
  • What are fencing panels?
    Fencing panels are pre-built pieces of fence that make it easy to put up or take down the fence. They can be used for many different things.

We hope that you learned something useful from this piece about electric fence parts and how much they cost in the Philippines.

If you have questions or need help, feel free to get in touch with us. We are happy to help you with whatever you need for your electric fence.


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