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Dear Joe Café is a restaurant and coffee place located in Vista Mall, Sta. Rosa, Philippines. The café offers a spacious and Instagram-worthy ambiance with lots of greenery. It has a drive-thru for easy access and is a great place to hang out with friends or work remotely.

The menu features delicious dishes such as the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Truffle, and the Spam + Egg Omelet in a skillet. The salads are also recommended, especially the one with blue cheese dressing. The coffee is good, albeit a bit expensive, with the hot Cappuccino being a recommended drink.

According to reviews, the food is rated around 3/5, but the atmosphere is highly praised at 5/5. The service is rated around 3-4/5. The café offers free Wi-Fi, but one device can only be used per order, and the login information is provided on the receipt upon purchase of food or drink.

Dear Joe Café is located at the ground level of Vista Mall, Santa Rosa – Tagaytay Rd, Don Jose, Santa Rosa, Laguna. The café’s operating hours are from 7:00 AM to 9:30 PM from Monday to Sunday. However, during special holidays like Holy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday, the café’s hours may differ. Customers can call 0908 815 5458 to confirm the café’s operating hours or suggest new ones.

Here is the most recent Dear Joe menu for 2023 in Philippines:


Breakfast MenuPrice
Smoked Ham Omelette₱310.00
Smoked Salmon Omelette₱340.00
Garlic Longganisa₱345.00
Beef Tapa₱395.00
Boneless Bangus₱407.00


Appetizers MenuPrice
Beef Cottage Pie₱250.00
Chicken Fajita₱260.00
Truffle Potato Chips₱265.00
Pollo Asada Quesadilla₱275.00
Dulong In Olive Oil₱275.00
Breakfast Chorizo & Potato₱295.00
Chicharones Con Adobo Quesadilla₱295.00
Spinach & Asparagus Quatro Dip₱295.00
Baked Spanish Sardines With Kesong Puti₱295.00
Loaded Potato Chips₱315.00
Carne Asada Quesadilla₱315.00
Tequila & Lime Shrimp Quesadilla₱360.00

Sloppy Joe

Sloppy Joe MenuPrice
Creamy Chicken Toast₱285.00
Truffle Grilled Cheese₱285.00
Apple & Ham Salad Sandwich₱295.00
Honey Mustard Lyoner₱295.00
Mortadella And Cheese Bagel₱295.00
Cream Cheese Pastrami Bagel₱295.00
Bbq Brisket Panini₱315.00
Grilled Chicken & Swiss Panini₱315.00
Corned Beef Toast₱325.00
Roast Beef Toast₱325.00
Philly Cheesesteak Classic₱325.00
Italian Sub₱325.00
Caldereta Melt Panini₱335.00
Grilled Cheese Longanisa Sandwich₱375.00


Salad MenuPrice
Kimchi Lychee Salad₱285.00
Honey Blue Cheese Salad₱285.00
Chicken Taco Salad₱315.00


Pasta MenuPrice
Creamy Pesto₱335.00
Chicken Parmesan Picatta₱363.00
Truffle Penne & Cheese₱415.00
Double Beef Bolognese₱415.00
Beef & Mushroom Cannelloni₱415.00
Garlic Noodles With Cajun Shrimp₱435.00
Shrimp & Asparagus Stuffed Cannelloni₱435.00


Entrees MenuPrice
Almond Crusted Fish & Shrimp₱360.00
Corned Beef & Onion Gravy₱370.00
Adobong Moderno₱380.00
Beef Bourginon₱385.00
Sausage Stuffed Chicken₱395.00
Shrimp Thermidor₱445.00
Korean Fried Chicken₱470.00
Crispy Panchetta Dijon₱480.00

Hot Drinks

Hot Drinks MenuPrice
Hot Tea₱185.00
Hot Chocolate₱205.00
White Mocha₱225.00
Matcha Latte₱225.00
Vietnamese Latte₱240.00
Hazelnut Latte₱245.00

Cold Drinks

Cold Drinks MenuPrice
Iced Americano₱205.00
Iced Latte₱215.00
Iced Chocolate₱220.00
Iced Mocha₱230.00
Iced White Mocha₱240.00
Iced Matcha Latte₱240.00
Hazelnut Latte₱245.00
Ca Phe Sua Da₱255.00

Ice Blended Coffee Base

Ice Blended Coffee Base MenuPrice
Caramel Coffee Frappe₱240.00
White Mocha Frappe₱240.00
Walnut Brownie Frappe₱240.00
Choco Chip Frappe₱240.00
Matcha Frappe₱240.00
Hazelnut Frappe₱240.00
Strawberries & Cream₱245.00
Mint Mocha Frappe₱250.00

Iced Blended Non-Coffee Base

Iced Blended Non-Coffee Base MenuPrice
Walnut Brownie Frappe₱240.00
Choco Chip Frappe₱240.00
Matcha Frappe₱240.00
Strawberries & Cream₱245.00

Iced Shaken Drinks

Iced Shaken Drinks MenuPrice
Floral Raspberry Kiwi Tea₱235.00
Peach Lemon Yuzu Tea₱245.00
Rose Strawberry Jasmine Tea₱245.00

One Fruit Shake

One Fruit Shake MenuPrice
Dragon Fruit₱210.00

Fruit Smoothies

Watermelon + Melon + Banana₱210.00
Pineapple + Orange + Cucumber₱210.00
Orange + Pineapple + Kiwi + Peach₱230.00
Dragon Fruit + Strawberry + Cucumber₱230.00
Strawberry + Almond₱230.00


Sherbet MenuPrice
Kiwi Guacamole₱210.00
Mango Caramel₱210.00
Berry Strawberry₱210.00
Two Berries₱210.00


Pizza MenuPrice
Duo Formaggio Prosciutto₱375.00
Sausage, Sundried & Pesto Pizza₱385.00
Panchetta & Mushrooms Pizza₱405.00

Cold Brew Series

Cold Brew Series MenuPrice
Black Cold Brew₱230.00
White Cold Brew₱230.00
Mint Cold Brew₱230.00

Brew Bar

Brew Bar MenuPrice
Specialty Local (Sagada) (Grande)₱260.00
Specialty International (Ethiopia) (Grande)₱260.00

Artisan Tea

Artisan Tea MenuPrice
HB Carnaval Tea (Grande)₱255.00
HB Chamomile (Grande)₱255.00
HB Relaxing Infusion (Grande)₱255.00
HB Silk Tea (Grande)₱255.00

Fruit Blends

Fruit Blends MenuPrice
Premium + Regular Fruit₱210.00

Fresh Fruits

Fresh Fruits MenuPrice
Sliced Apple₱110.00
Regular Fruit Platter₱195.00
Premium Fruit Platter₱305.00

Whole Cake

Whole Cake MenuPrice
Strawberry Shortcake (Whole)₱1,320.00
Cereal Tres Leches (Whole)₱1,320.00
Chocolate (Whole)₱1,650.00
Ube Cheesecake (Whole)₱1,760.00
Burnt Strawberry Cheesecake (Whole)₱1,760.00
Burnt Blueberry Cheesecake (Whole)₱1,760.00
Salted Basque Cheesecake (Whole)₱1,760.00
Lemon Blueberry Cake (Whole)₱1,760.00
Chocolate Caramel Cake (Whole)₱1,925.00
Banana Berry And Peanut Butter Cake (Whole)₱1,925.00
Oreo Cheesecake (Whole)₱1,980.00
Chocolate Mousse Cake (Whole)₱2,200.00
Ube Cake With Cheesecake Filling (Whole)₱2,420.00
Peach Mango Mousse Cake (Whole)₱2,420.00
Pistachio Berry Cake (Whole)₱2,805.00
Golden Flare Cake (Whole)₱2,860.00
Chocochip Cookie Dough Cheesecake (Whole)₱3,080.00

Sliced Cake

Sliced Cake MenuPrice
Strawberry Shortcake (Sliced)₱205.00
Cereal Tres Leches (Sliced)₱205.00
Chocolate Caramel Cake (Sliced)₱225.00
Banana Berry And Peanut Butter Cake (Sliced)₱225.00
Chocolate (Sliced)₱245.00
Ube Cheesecake (Sliced)₱265.00
Burnt Strawberry Cheesecake (Sliced)₱265.00
Burnt Blueberry Cheesecake (Sliced)₱265.00
Salted Basque Cheesecake (Sliced)₱265.00
Lemon Blueberry Cake (Sliced)₱265.00
Oreo Cheesecake -Sliced₱265.00
Ube Cake With Cheesecake Filling (Sliced)₱275.00
Chocolate Mousse Cake (Sliced)₱275.00
Peach Mango Mousse Cake (Sliced)₱275.00
Golden Flare Cake (Sliced)₱325.00
Pistachio Berry Cake (Sliced)₱325.00
Chocochip Cookie Dough Cheesecake (Sliced)₱345.00


Pastries MenuPrice
Brownies – Orig₱75.00
Chocolate Chip & Hazelnut Cookies₱115.00
Cinnamon Bread Knots₱115.00
Dulce De Leche Bread Knots₱115.00
Ham & Cheese₱125.00
Oatmeal and Cranberry Cookies₱125.00
Carrot Loaf – Slice₱125.00
Banana Loaf – Slice₱125.00
Chocolate Brioche Bread₱130.00
Wholewheat Apple Muffins₱130.00
Vanilla Cronut₱130.00
Corned Beef Bun₱130.00
Strawberry Muffins – Orig₱135.00
Chicken Bun₱135.00
Brownies with Walnuts₱145.00
Brownies with Oreo₱145.00
Coffee Walnut Croissant₱150.00
Cinnamon Danish₱150.00
Chicken Pie₱155.00
Sausage Pie₱155.00
Mushroom Quiche₱165.00
Crème Brulee Tart₱165.00
Hazelnut Choux Pastry₱175.00
Coconut Cream Pie with Saba and Chocnut₱255.00
Strawberry & Cream₱265.00
Quiche Lorraine₱295.00
Inasal Quiche₱295.00
Apple Streusel Pie₱330.00
Meat Pie₱330.00
Carrot Loaf₱396.00
Banana Loaf₱429.00

Last Update: April 1, 2023


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