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Chachago is a milk tea shop located in Quezon City, Metro Manila. They offer dine-in and takeout services, and their store hours are from 10 AM to 11 PM daily.

The shop is known for its brown sugar pearl milk tea, and they also have a varied selection of milk tea drinks that can satisfy any milk tea craving. Aside from drinks, they also offer Korean corndogs. The location is good, but parking is limited and may be challenging to find.

The store has limited seating, only accommodating around 10 to 12 people, and is not wheelchair accessible due to the steps leading to the store.

Overall, customers have given Chachago high ratings for their drinks, service, and atmosphere.

Here is the most recent Chachago menu for 2023 in Philippines:

Yogurt Series

Yogurt Series MenuPrice
Banana Yogurt₱150.00
Passion Yogurt₱150.00
Pineapple Yogurt₱150.00
Strawberry Yogurt₱165.00

Fruit Teas

chachago menu philippine fruit teas
Fruit Teas MenuPrice
Citrus Lemon Tea₱100.00
Passion Fruit Tea₱130.00
Mango Green Tea₱130.00
Pineapple Green Tea₱130.00
Orange Green Tea₱130.00
Orange Chamomile₱150.00
California Mix Fruit Tea₱150.00
Grape Aloe Slush₱150.00
Grapefruit Smootea₱170.00
Grape Smootea₱170.00

Cream Cheese Series

chachago menu philippine cream cheese series
Cream Cheese Series MenuPrice
Black Tea with Salted Cheese Cream (Large)₱130.00
Cafe Mocha with Salted Cheese Cream (Large)₱140.00
Matcha with Salted Cheese Cream (Large)₱140.00
Roasted Brown Sugar Tea with Salted Cheese Cream (Medium)₱140.00
Mango Oreo with Salted Cheese Cream (Large)₱150.00
Pineapple with Salted Cheese Cream (Large)₱150.00
Roasted Brown Sugar Cacao with Salted Cheese Cream (Medium)₱150.00
Cookies & Cream Latte₱150.00

Brown Sugar Series

chachago menu philippine brown sugar series
Brown Sugar Series MenuPrice
Brown Sugar Pearl with Milk₱140.00
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea₱140.00
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk with Milk Pudding₱140.00
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk with Milk Pudding₱140.00
Brown Sugar Pearl Milktea with Salted Cream Cheese (Medium)₱150.00
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk with Salted Cream Cheese (Medium)₱150.00
Brown Sugar Pearl Cacao with Cream Cheese (Medium)₱160.00
Brown Sugar Pearl Coffee with Cream Cheese (Medium)₱160.00
Brown Sugar Pearl Matcha with Cream Cheese (Medium)₱160.00

Milk Teas

chachago menu philippine milk teas
Milk Teas MenuPrice
Chachago Milk Tea without Pearls₱105.00
Chachago Oolong Milk Tea₱105.00
Matcha Milk Green Tea₱115.00
Chachago Pearl Milk Tea₱120.00
Chachago Oolong Pearl Milk Tea₱120.00
White Pearl Milk Tea₱120.00
Grass Jelly Milk Tea₱130.00
Pudding Milk Tea₱130.00
Coffee Jelly Milktea₱130.00

Hot Beverages

chachago menu philippine hot beverages
Hot Beverages MenuPrice
Oolong Tea (Medium)₱100.00
Black Tea (Medium)₱100.00
Jasmine Green Tea (Medium)₱100.00
Hot Cacao (Medium)₱120.00
Hot Coffee Diamond (Medium)₱120.00
Hot Matcha Green Tea (Medium)₱120.00
Hot Milk Tea (Medium)₱120.00
Hot Black Tea Cacao (Medium)₱120.00

Cold Beverages

chachago menu philippine cold beverages
Cold Beverages MenuPrice
HK Lemon Tea (Oolong Tea Based)₱100.00
Iced Cacao₱110.00
Yakult Green Tea₱110.00
Taiwan Taro Milk Tea with Pudding (Medium)₱110.00
Chachago Taro with Milk (Medium)₱120.00
Lychee Drink₱120.00
Yakult Lemon₱120.00
Lychee Milk₱130.00
Coffee Diamond with Jelly (Medium)₱130.00
Cacao Milk (Medium)₱130.00
Yakult Pineapple₱130.00
Yakult Passion Fruit₱130.00
Yakult Mango₱130.00
Milk Green Tea₱135.00
Taro Boba Mtea (Medium)₱180.00
Taro Boba Milk (Medium)₱190.00

Wintermelon Series

Wintermelon Series MenuPrice
Wintermelon Tea with Milk₱95.00
Wintermelon Grass Jelly₱95.00
Wintermelon Milktea₱115.00
Wintermelon Pearl Milk Tea₱130.00

Premium Gelato

chachago menu philippine premium gelato 1
Premium Gelato MenuPrice
Coffee with Diamond Jelly₱420.00
California Mix Fruit Tea Sorbet₱420.00
Chachago Milk Tea with Salted Cream Cheese₱420.00
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea₱420.00

New Series

New Series MenuPrice
Chachago Cheese Brulee₱135.00
Wintermelon Cheese Brulee₱140.00
Brown Sugar Cheese Brulee₱155.00
Cookies & Cream Cheese Brulee₱155.00


Promo MenuPrice
Pineapple Smoothie (Large) for only Php75₱75.00
Pineapple Green Tea (Large) for only Php75₱75.00

Ice Cream Special

chachago menu philippine ice cream special 1
Ice Cream Special MenuPrice
Black Tea With Ice Cream (Large)₱140.00
Cacao with Ice Cream (Large)₱160.00
Matcha with Ice Cream (Large)₱160.00

Food Stuffs

Food Stuffs MenuPrice
Twister Fries₱105.00
Taiwan Sausage₱120.00
Chicken Chop₱150.00

Last Update: April 4, 2023


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