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Black Scoop Cafe was founded on a love for coffee, tea, and ice cream and is known for its exclusive formulation of drinks that leave a distinct mark of quality in customers’ minds. With a strong focus on branding, the cafe aims to be the emblem of local quality coffee and revolutionary soft serves.

The company’s effective supply chain management ensures consistent product supply and quality, with strong relationships maintained with coffee plantations and tea farmers.

Black Scoop Cafe is proud to be the country’s first black soft serve ice cream, tea, and coffee lounge, bringing together these crowd favorites while maintaining each product’s unique identity and premium quality.

The cafe’s team receives extensive training from top professionals in the hospitality industry who teach with passion, passing on valuable information on product knowledge and customer service to staff.

Customer satisfaction is paramount, and Black Scoop Cafe aims to be a second home for its customers, continuously delighting new and regular customers alike.

Here is the latest Black Scoop Cafe menu for Philippines 2023:

Milk Tea

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Milk Tea MenuPrice
Milk Tea Classic – No Pearl₱95.00
Black Bison Milk Tea₱110.00
Caramel Milk Tea₱115.00
Hazelnut Milk Tea₱115.00
Almond Milk Tea₱115.00
Milktea with Egg Pudding₱120.00
Milk Tea with Grass Jelly₱120.00
Cookies N’ Cream Milk Tea₱125.00
Taro Milk Tea₱125.00
Wintermelon Milk Tea with Grass Jelly₱130.00
Okinawa Milk Tea₱135.00
Wintermelon Milk Tea₱135.00
Hokkaido Milk Tea₱145.00
Hershey’s Milk Tea with choco pudding₱145.00
Cheesecake Milk Tea₱155.00
Matcha Milk Tea with Egg Pudding₱165.00

Fruit Tea

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Fruit Tea MenuPrice
Green Apple Fruit Tea₱110.00
Blueberry Fruit Tea₱110.00
Peach Fruit Tea₱110.00
Lychee Fruit Tea₱110.00
Raspberry Fruit Tea₱110.00
Strawberry Fruit Tea₱110.00
Peach Lychee Fruit Tea₱120.00
Mango Peach Fruit Tea₱120.00
Pineapple Lychee₱120.00
Mixed Berries₱120.00
House Special Brew Fruit Tea₱120.00
Calamansi Fruit Tea₱120.00
Yuzu Fruit Tea₱125.00
Pink Guava Fruit Tea₱130.00
Honey Pomelo Fruit Tea₱135.00
Imperial Fruit Tea₱135.00

Frappe – Cream Based

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Frappe – Cream Based MenuPrice
Vanilla Frappe₱135.00
Caramel Frappe₱145.00
Cookies N’ Cream Frappe₱145.00
Strawberry Frappe₱145.00
Taro Frappe₱145.00
Hershey’s Chocolate Frappe₱145.00
Milo Frappe₱145.00
Macadamia Frappe₱145.00
Double Dutch Frappe₱150.00
Blueberry Cheesecake Frappe₱150.00
Mango Cheesecake Frappe₱150.00
Matcha Frappe₱155.00
Blueberry & Cream Frappe₱160.00
Strawberry & Cream Frappe₱160.00
Dark Choco Raspberry Frappe₱160.00
White Choco Raspberry Frappe₱160.00
Dark Cocoa Frappe₱165.00
Triple Chocolate Frappe₱165.00
Choco Mousse Frappe₱165.00
White Choco Matcha Frappe₱175.00
Smores Frappe₱185.00
Chocolate Macadamia Frappe₱185.00
Hershey’s Chocolate Cookies & Cream Frappe₱185.00
Triple Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake Frappe₱185.00

Frappe – Coffee Based

black scoop menu philippine frappe coffe based
Frappe – Coffee Based MenuPrice
Coffee Frappe CB₱155.00
Caramel Frappe CB₱165.00
Cookies N’ Cream Frappe CB₱165.00
Coffee Jelly Frappe CB₱165.00
Matcha Espresso Frappe CB₱165.00
Mochaccino Frappe CB₱175.00
White Mocha Frappe CB₱175.00
Milo Mocha Frappe₱175.00
Macadamia Mocha Frappe₱175.00
Java Chip Mocha Frappe CB₱185.00

Brown Sugar Reimagined Series

black scoop menu philippine brown sugar reimagined series
Brown Sugar Reimagined Series MenuPrice
Original Brown Sugar Latte₱135.00
Cream Cheese Brown Sugar Latte₱165.00
Cream Cheese Brown Sugar Soy Latte₱165.00
Cream Cheese Brown Sugar Coffee Latte₱165.00

Cream Cheese Lattes (no sinkers incl.)

black scoop menu philippine cream cheese lattes no sinkers incl
Cream Cheese Lattes (no sinkers incl.) MenuPrice
Cream Cheese Green Tea₱115.00
Cream Cheese Wintermelon₱145.00
Cream Cheese Taro₱155.00
Cream Cheese Cocoa₱155.00
Cream Cheese Winter Milk Tea₱155.00
Cream Cheese Matcha₱155.00
Cream Cheese Milo₱155.00
Cream Cheese Hershey’s₱165.00
Cream Cheese Tiramisu Latte₱175.00

Coffee + Chocolate

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Coffee + Chocolate MenuPrice
Americano – Hot₱130.00
Americano – Cold₱130.00
Cafe Latte – Hot₱135.00
Hershey’s Chocolate – Cold₱135.00
Cafe Latte – Cold₱145.00
Black Scoop Choco – Hot₱145.00
Chocolate Truffle Infusions – Hot₱145.00
Tiramisu – Cold₱150.00
Cafe Mocha – Hot₱155.00
Caramel Macchiatto – Hot₱155.00
Black Scoop Choco – Cold₱155.00
Chocolate Truffle Infusions – Cold₱155.00
Cafe Mocha – Cold₱165.00
Caramel Macchiatto – Cold₱165.00
White Choco Mocha – Hot₱165.00
White Choco Mocha – Cold₱175.00

Flavored Iced Latte

black scoop menu philippine flavored iced latte
Flavored Iced Latte MenuPrice
Iced Latte₱110.00
Iced Latte with Coffee Jelly₱125.00

Milo Marvels Collection

black scoop menu philippine milo marvels collection
Milo Marvels Collection MenuPrice
Iced Milo Brown Sugar Latte₱165.00
Iced Milo Mocha₱165.00
Milo Cookie Frappe₱165.00

Ovaltine Collection

black scoop menu philippine ovaltine collection
Ovaltine Collection MenuPrice
Iced Ovaltine Crunch₱135.00
Iced Ovaltine with Cream Cheese Crunch₱165.00

Wintermelon Wonders

black scoop menu philippine wintermelon wonders
Wintermelon Wonders MenuPrice
Ice Winter Soya₱150.00
Winter Cream Frappe₱150.00
Ice Winter Coffee Latte₱165.00

Specialty Drinks

black scoop menu philippine specialty drinks
Specialty Drinks MenuPrice
Taro Ice₱120.00
Calamansi Juice₱120.00
Yakult Pink Guava₱120.00
Winter Grass Jelly₱125.00
Matcha Latte₱155.00

Rice Meals

black scoop menu philippine rice meals
Rice Meals MenuPrice
Taiwanese Chicken Poppers w/ rice₱220.00
Spam Rice₱240.00
Pork Tocino₱240.00
Corned Beef₱240.00
Pork Longganisa₱250.00
Boneless Bangus₱290.00
Bister Tagalog₱300.00
Beef Tapa₱300.00
Angus Burger Steak Rice₱325.00


black scoop menu philippine pasta
Pasta MenuPrice
Susage and Bacon mac & cheese₱200.00
Spicy Tuna₱250.00
Classic Carbonara₱270.00
Aglio Olio Spanish Sardines₱270.00
Tuna Pesto₱270.00
Spaghetti Bolognese₱285.00


black scoop menu philippine sandwich
Sandwich MenuPrice
Classic Cheese Burger₱140.00
Chicken Burger₱170.00
Grilled Cheese Sandwich₱200.00
Ham & Egg Sandwich₱210.00
Spam & Cheese Sandwich₱225.00
Spam Bahn Mì₱230.00
Chicken Sandwich₱230.00
Chicken Pesto Sandwich₱250.00
Angus Beef Burger₱375.00


black scoop menu philippine snacks
Snacks MenuPrice
Potato Fries₱170.00
Taiwanese Chicken Poppers (Snacks)₱190.00
Nachos Overload₱270.00

Our New Creation Amazing Avocado Series

black scoop menu philippine our new creation amazing avocado series
Our New Creation Amazing Avocado Series MenuPrice
Avocado Brown Sugar Latte₱215.00
Avocado Cheesecake Frappe₱215.00
Avocado Oreo Cheesecake Frappe₱215.00

Ghirardelli Chocolate Series

black scoop menu philippine ghirardelli chocolate series
Ghirardelli Chocolate Series MenuPrice
Ghirardelli Hot₱165.00
Ghirardelli Iced₱175.00
Ghirardelli Frappe₱195.00

Yogurt Based

black scoop menu philippine yogurt based
Yogurt Based MenuPrice
Blueberry Yogurt₱165.00
Raspberyy Yogurt₱165.00
Strawberry Yogurt₱165.00
Mixed Berrie Yogurt₱165.00
Matcha Blueberry Yogurt₱175.00

Pei Pa Koa Series

black scoop menu philippine pei pa koa series
Pei Pa Koa Series MenuPrice
Wintermelon with Pei Pa Koa₱135.00
Winter Pei Pa Koa with Grass Jelly₱155.00

Soda Pops

black scoop menu philippine soda pops
Soda Pops MenuPrice
Soda Pop₱125.00


black scoop menu philippine wings
Wings MenuPrice
Buffalo Wings₱245.00
Spicy Buffalo Wings₱265.00
Honeyed Buffalo Wings₱265.00
Salted Egg Wings₱265.00


black scoop menu philippine pancakes
Pancakes MenuPrice
Regular Pancakes₱200.00
Pancakes with Longganisa₱240.00

Ice Cream Pints

black scoop menu philippine ice cream pints
Ice Cream Pints MenuPrice
Black Mascarpone with Graham₱205.00
Halo Halo Surprise₱205.00
Okinawa Brown Sugar with Pearl₱205.00

Black Scoop Gallon Milktea

black scoop menu philippine black scoop gallon milktea
Black Scoop Gallon Milktea MenuPrice
Gallon Classic Milktea₱860.00
Gallon Wintermelon Milktea₱960.00

Bubble Waffle

black scoop menu philippine bubble waffle
Bubble Waffle MenuPrice
Bubble Waffle₱125.00
Flavored Bubble Waffle₱135.00


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