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Big Brew is a café in the Philippines that offers a variety of hot and cold beverages, snacks, and food items. Their menu consists of coffee, tea, and other beverages to satisfy customers’ cravings. Big Brew takes pride in their best-selling Hot Brew menu, which includes Brusko Hot Brew, Choco Hot Brew, Moca Hot Brew, Karamel Hot Brew, and Matcha Hot Brew.

They claim that these are the best brews available in the Philippines. Apart from their signature brews, Big Brew also offers other snacks and food items to complement their beverages.

Here is the most recent Big Brew menu for 2023 in Philippines:

Milk Tea (with Pearl)

big brew menu philippine milk tea with pearl
Milk Tea (with Pearl) MenuPrice
Salted Caramel₱39.00
Red Velvet₱39.00
Double Dutch₱39.00
Dark Choco₱39.00
Choco Kisses₱39.00
Cookies and Cream₱39.00

Iced Coffee (No Puff)

big brew menu philippine iced coffe no puff
Iced Coffee (No Puff) MenuPrice
Kape Brusko₱39.00
Kape Vanilla₱39.00
Kape Macchiato₱39.00
Kape Caramel₱39.00
Kape Moca₱39.00
Kape Matcha₱39.00
Kape Fudge₱39.00

Fruit Tea (with Crystals)

big brew menu philippine fruit tea with crystals
Fruit Tea (with Crystals) MenuPrice
Green Apple₱39.00
Honey Peach₱39.00
Passion Fruit₱39.00

Hot Brew (With Cream Puff)

big brew menu philippine hot brew with cream puff
Hot Brew (With Cream Puff) MenuPrice
Hot Brusko (12oz)₱49.00
Hot Choco (12oz)₱49.00
Hot Moca (12oz)₱49.00
Hot Caramel (12oz)₱49.00
Hot Matcha (12oz)₱49.00

Strawberry Series

big brew menu philippine strawberry series
Strawberry Series MenuPrice
Fruit Tea Strawberry 22oz (Grande)₱55.00
Milktea Strawberry 22oz (Grande)₱55.00
Milktea Chocoberry 22oz (Grande)₱55.00

Praf (With Whipped Cream)

big brew menu philippine praf with whipped cream
Praf (With Whipped Cream) MenuPrice
Praf Moca 16oz (Medio)₱69.00
Praf Caramel Macchiato 16oz (Medio)₱69.00
Praf Coffee Jelly 16oz (Medio)₱69.00
Praf Vanilla 16oz (Medio)₱69.00
Praf Cookies and Cream 16oz (Medio)₱69.00
Praf Matcha 16oz (Medio)₱69.00
Praf Chocolate 16oz (Medio)₱69.00
Praf Taro 16oz (Medio)₱69.00
Praf Strawberry 16oz (Medio)₱69.00
Praf Cheesecake 16oz (Medio)₱69.00

Premium Drinks (Secret Menu)

big brew menu philippine premium drinks secret menu
Premium Drinks (Secret Menu) MenuPrice
Boss Brew 22oz (Grande)₱90.00
Blank Pink 22oz (Grande)₱90.00
KMJS 22oz (Grande)₱90.00
Kara-van 22oz (Grande)₱95.00

Last Update: April 24, 2023


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