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Aice Brands is an ice cream company that originated in Singapore in 2014 and expanded to Indonesia in the same year. In 2018, the company established its presence in the Philippines, where it operates under the name Aice Brands Ice Cream Philippines Inc.

Aice has provided tens of thousands of job opportunities and helped over 100,000 low-income families increase their income. The company has a vision of investing in the market and factory in Asia to bring the beauty of ice cream to every corner of the world.

Aice’s mission is to create a better future by providing healthier and tastier ice cream while offering more job opportunities. It has a factory located in the Philippines, known as Factory 1.

Here is the most recent Aice Ice Cream menu for 2023 in Philippines:

Ice Cream

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Ice Cream MenuPrice
Aice Ice Cream₱70.00
Nestle Twin Pops – Box of 6₱165.00
Lotte Ice Cream₱200.00
Binggrae Encho Chocolate Bar – Box of 6₱240.00
Selecta Mochi Ku – Box of 6₱270.00
Bulla Frozen Yoghurt₱330.00
Magnum Pint – 440 mL₱360.00
Nestle Mochi Ice Cream – Box of 6₱370.00
Bulla Ice Cream Bars₱430.00
Selecta Boom Boom₱130.00
Oreo Ice Cream₱160.00
Magnolia Gold Label Family Pack₱205.00
Nestle Kimy₱215.00
Binggrae Samanco – Pack of 4₱235.00
Binggrae Pangtoa – Pack of 4₱245.00
Binggrae Melona – Box of 8₱250.00
Magnum Singles₱270.00
Selecta Classic Super Thick Tub – 1.5 L₱270.00
Selecta Supreme Tub₱300.00
Selecta Hershey’s Tub – 1.3L₱350.00
Crunch Stick – Box of 10₱390.00
Ben & Jerry’s Pint – 473 mL₱420.00
Binggrae Cledor Bar – Box of 6₱455.00
Grom Italian Gelato Pint – 460 mL₱490.00

Frozen Fruits

aice ice cream menu philippine frozen fruits
Frozen Fruits MenuPrice
Harvestime Frozen Blueberries – 1kg₱715.00
Harvestime Frozen Strawberries – 1kg₱385.00
The Hippie Smoothie – 750g₱450.00
Harvestime 4 Berry Mix – 1kg₱615.00
Harvestime Frozen Cranberries – 1kg₱615.00


aice ice cream menu philippine drinks
Drinks MenuPrice
Sola Iced Tea₱60.00


aice ice cream menu philippine gifting
Gifting MenuPrice
Ice Box MNL Gift Card₱500.00
Gift WrapPrice TBD

Last Update: April 23, 2023


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