Tiles Grout Price List and Buying Guide

If you want to put tiles in your home or office, you might be wondering about the tiles grout price in Philippines and what kind of grout to use.

Grout is a building material that fills and fixes the spaces between tiles. Its price typically ranges from ₱57 to ₱5,798.

In this article, we’ll talk about what tile grout is, its uses, types, colors, and price list in Philippines. We’ll also answer any questions you might have about tiles and grout.

What is Tiles Grout?

What is Tiles Grout

Grout is a thick liquid made of cement, sand, water, and other things. It is used as a paste to fill the spaces between tiles and also give several benefit for tile installation, such as:

  • providing strength and stiffness
  • visually appealing look
  • keeps dirt, dust, and water from getting under the tiles
  • keeps tiles from moving around.

Proper care, like regular cleaning and resealing, keeps the grout in good shape and keeps moisture from damaging the structure underneath.

Types of Tiles Grout

You can choose from three main types of grout for tiles, depending on your needs:

1. Cement Grout

Cement Grout

This traditional and widely used grout is made of Portland cement, an additive that keeps water in, filler bits, and colored pigments.

It is cheap and easy to put on, but it can be thin and prone to cracking, staining, and shrinking.

2. Epoxy Grout

Epoxy Grout

Epoxy grout is a modern choice made of epoxy resin, hardener, silica fillers, and pigments.

Epoxy grout is more resistant to water, grease, acid, and spots than cement grout because it is less porous.

It lasts longer and is more flexible, but it costs more and is harder to work with.

3. Furan Resin Grouts

Furan Resin Grouts

Furan Resin Grout is a special type of grout that has furan resin and filler in it.

Furan resin grouts are good at resisting heat, physical damage, and chemicals, so they can be used in places with high temperatures or acidic materials.

To use them, though, you need special tools and knowledge.

Think about the needs of your tile installation, such as protection in bathrooms and kitchens, to figure out which type of grout will work best.

Coloured Tiles Grout

Tiles with colors Grout is the part between your tiles that comes in different colors to match or stand out from your tiles.

It lets you make your tile installation look better overall and make different effects and feelings.

Here are some common colors of grout between tiles:

  • White makes things look clean and bright, which makes the tiles look bigger and more open.
  • Gray grout looks bland and modern, and it is less likely to get dirty or stained than white grout.
  • Black: Makes the shape and pattern of the tiles stand out with a dramatic and elegant look.
  • Beige makes a room feel warm and cozy and goes well with natural stone or tiles that look like wood.
  • Green: Gives a room a fresh, lively look that goes well with green or blue tiles or gives plain tiles a pop of color.
  • Blue makes the room feel cool and calm. It goes well with blue or white tiles and stands out against yellow or orange tiles.

Colored tile grout lets people choose a grout color that fits the color of their tiles, which makes the tile floor or wall look better.

Different brands, like ABC Tile Grout, offer a wide range of colored grouts, with bold colors often being a little more expensive than white ones.

Tiles Grout Price List

The price of grout for tiles in Philippines depends on several factors, such as the brand, type, color, size, and quantity of the grout.

Generally, cement grout is cheaper than epoxy grout or furan resin grouts.

To give you an idea, here is a sample price list of tiles grout in Philippines:

Tiles Grout BrandColorSizePrice
Buildrite Tile Seal2kg₱57
ABC Tile Grout OriginalWhite F152kg₱59.5
Grey F142kg₱69.5
Brown F62kg₱72.5
Bahama Beige F12kg₱79
Black F122kg₱124
ABC Tile Grout Bio-TechWhite F152kg₱249.5
Dark Blue P322kg₱307
Mint Green F222kg₱318
Lanko 701 PH ClavexGrey25kg₱649
Lanko 702 PH Durabed25kg₱728
Sika Grout 212 PH25kg₱734
Strakgrout Non-Shrink Structural Grout25kg₱848
Sika Grout 215 PHGrey25kg₱889
Sikadur Epoxy Grouting System 42 MPGrey12kg₱5,798

Things You Should Know about Tiles Grout

Before you buy and apply tiles grout, here are some things you should know and consider:

  • How do I clean dirt on floor tiles? Mix baking soda and vinegar or buy a prepackaged grout cleaner. Apply the solution to the grout lines, let it sit for a few minutes, scrub with a brush, and then rinse with water.
  • Does grout have to be used with tiles? Yes, grouting is important. It keeps water and dirt from causing damage, keeps tiles in place, and makes the area look better.
  • Is tile grout watertight? Grout is not waterproof by itself, but you can make it waterproof by using a grout finish. A grout sealer makes a barrier against water and stains.
  • Is tile grout the same as cement? No, tile grout is not just cement. It is made of cement, sand, water, and other things. Cement is used to hold concrete together.
  • How do you spread tile grout? Get the tools and materials ready, mix the grout, spread it over the tiles with a float, press it into the gaps, remove the extra grout, wipe away any residue, and let it dry before adding a grout sealer, if needed.

In conclusion, anyone considering a tile installation job in the Philippines needs to know the price of grout.

With so many choices, it’s important to think about the cost of grout along with the tile you choose.

Remember that prices can change based on things like brand, quality, and how much you need.

By carefully thinking about your budget and your needs, you can make an informed choice and get a beautiful tile installation that doesn’t cost too much and adds to the beauty of your space.


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