Lola Nena’s Menu

Lola Nena’s began in 2012 by recreating their family’s famous Pichi Pichi, which quickly became popular among friends.

They opened their first branch in Quezon Ave and expanded their menu to include various merienda products such as Pancit and bakery items.

In 2017, they introduced “Classic Old Fashioned Donuts,” and in 2020, their “Triple Cheese Donuts” went viral on social media.

Lola Nena’s has been featured in multiple publications and aims to be the go-to place for all merienda cravings, priding themselves as an all-Pinoy team and urging clients to support local.

Here is the latest Lola Nena’s menu for Philippines 2023:

Old Fashioned Donuts

lola nenas menu philippine old fashioned donuts
Old Fashioned Donuts MenuPrice
Classic Donut₱192.00
Triple Cheese Donut₱264.00

Special Pichi Pichi

lola nenas menu philippine special pichi pichi
Special Pichi Pichi MenuPrice
Special Pichi Pichi (Small Box – 10…₱95.00
Special Pichi Pichi (Medium Box – 2…₱190.00
Special Pichi Pichi (Small Bilao -…₱475.00

Siopao Tostado

lola nenas menu philippine siopao tostado
Siopao Tostado MenuPrice
Siopao Tostado₱192.00

Pancit Palabok

lola nenas menu philippine pancit palabok
Pancit Palabok MenuPrice
Pancit Palabok (Small)₱350.00
Pancit Palabok (Large)₱625.00

Canton Bihon

lola nenas menu philippine canon bihon
Canton Bihon MenuPrice
Canton Bihon (Small)₱350.00
Canton Bihon (Large)₱625.00

Bottled Items

lola nenas menu philippine bottled items
Bottled Items MenuPrice
Chili Garlic Oil₱120.00
Crispy Garlic₱165.00
Spicy Garlic₱175.00
Gourmet Tuyo₱210.00
Adobong Tuyo₱210.00


lola nenas menu philippine ready to cook
Ready-to-Cook MenuPrice
Nena’s Embotido₱180.00
Ilocos Bagnet₱480.00

Budget Meals

lola nenas menu philippine budget meals
Budget Meals MenuPrice
Pancit Canton with 1pc Siopao Tosta…₱56.00
Pancit Canton with 2 pcs Siopao Tos…₱72.00


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