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Cinnabon is a popular bakery chain that specializes in creating cinnamon rolls with a unique blend of ingredients from around the world. The company was founded by Rich and Greg Komen, along with a master baker who spent months perfecting the recipe. The first Cinnabon bakery opened in Seattle in 1985, and its cinnamon roll quickly became a hit in the US.

Cinnabon expanded its operations to the Philippines in 1999, with the opening of the first Cinnabon bakery in Robinsons Place Manila. As of now, there are 20 Cinnabon bakeries in the country, all committed to baking the world’s most famous cinnamon rolls using only the finest quality ingredients and serving them hot and fresh.

One of the secrets to Cinnabon’s success is the quality of its ingredients. The company uses a specific type of cinnamon called Makara cinnamon, which is exclusively grown in the tropical forests of Indonesia. The dough used in its baked goods is soft, sweet, and perfect for baking, and the cream cheese frosting is smooth, creamy, and adds another depth of flavor.

In addition to its delicious cinnamon rolls, Cinnabon offers a range of coffee drinks, including the Mochalatta Chill and Arabica bean coffees, which perfectly complement its flavors.

Cinnabon also believes in giving back to the community and supports several philanthropic organizations, including Operation Gratitude and The DAISY Foundation™. Its philosophy is to serve those who serve others and to spread warmth not only in its bakeries but also in the community.

Here is the latest Cinnabon menu for Philippines 2023:

Freshly Baked

cinnabon menu philippine freshly baked
Freshly Baked MenuPrice
Bonbites Classic₱95.00
Bonbites Choco₱105.00
Cinnabon Stix 4 (4pcs)₱105.00
Classic Roll₱130.00
Cinnamon Chips₱140.00
Caramel Pecanbon₱165.00


  • cinnabon menu philippine cinnapacks 1
  • cinnabon menu philippine cinnapacks 2
Cinnapacks MenuPrice
Cinnabon Stix (8pcs)₱190.00
Minibon 4₱250.00
Minichocobon Combo 4₱265.00
Minichocobon 4₱290.00
Classic 4₱415.00
Cinnabon/Pecanbon Combo 4₱505.00
Minibon 9₱515.00
Minibon/Minichocobon Combo 9₱555.00
Pecanbon 4₱585.00
Minichocobon 9₱595.00
Minipecanbon Combo 9₱595.00
Triple Combo 9₱595.00
Minipecanbon 9₱645.00

Other Baked Items

cinnabon menu philippine other baked items
Other Baked Items MenuPrice
Dinner Roll₱90.00
Raisin Bread₱195.00

Delicious Drinks

cinnabon menu philippine delicious drinks
Delicious Drinks MenuPrice
Mochalatta Chill (12oz)₱165.00
Mochalatta Icescape (12oz)₱165.00
Cold Brew / Cream₱165.00
Cinnamon Roll Cold Brew₱165.00
Vanilla & Cream Cold Brew₱175.00


Add-ons MenuPrice
Frosting – Caramel₱45.00
Frosting – Cream Cheese₱45.00
Frosting – Chocolate Dip₱45.00

Limited Time Offer

cinnabon menu philippine limited time offer
Limited Time Offer MenuPrice
Stix Choco Nuggets (12pcs)₱105.00
S’mores Minichocobon₱110.00
Stix Choco Nuggets (30pcs)₱230.00
S’mores Minichocobon Combo 4₱285.00
S’mores Minichocobon 4₱315.00
S’mores Minichocobon Combo 9₱575.00
S’mores Minichocobon Triple Combo₱625.00
S’mores Minichocobon 9₱645.00

Last Update: March 25, 2023


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