Checkered Plate Price List and Buying Guide

If you are looking for a durable and versatile material with reasonable price for your construction, you might want to consider checkered plate.

Checkered plate, also known as diamond plate or tread plate, is a type of metal sheet with raised patterns on one side and a flat surface on the other.

It is commonly used for flooring, stairs, ramps, walkways, wall protection, and decorative purposes.

In this article, we will explain every thing you need to know about it, including the price of checkered plate in the Philippines.

What is Checkered Plate?

What is Checkered Plate

A checkered plate, also called a checker plate or tread plate, is a type of metal sheet with raised marks on the surface.

These marks can be lines or diamonds, and they help you keep your footing and keep you from falling.

Checkered plates are often used where safety and longevity are important.

They don’t rust, wear down, or get damaged by weather, so they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Checkered plates are both useful and pretty, and you can find them in places alongside Angle Bars to support the building or construction.

What is Checkered Plate Used For?

Chequered Plate Uses

Checkered plates can be used in a wide range of businesses and fields. They are most often used for:

  • Flooring: Checkered plates are good for industrial, business, and residential floors because they don’t slip and can handle a lot of traffic.
  • Stairs: Checkered plates are used as steps or risers on stairs to make them safer and easier to walk on. They also make stairs look better.
  • Ramps: Checkered plates are used as steps for cars, wheelchairs, carts, and other equipment because they provide grip, support, and wear resistance.
  • Walkways: Checkered plates make safe and comfortable walkways for pedestrians, workers, and tourists, even in harsh environments and weather.
  • Wall Protection: Checkered plates protect walls from scratches and damage caused by impacts or crashes, while also adding style and texture.
  • Decorative: Checkered plates can be used as wall panels, ceiling panels, door panels, window panels, furniture panels, or pieces of art to create a unique and appealing look.

Steel Diamond Plate Specifications

Diamond Checkered Plate Size

Most plates are 4ft long on one side, with sizes like 1ft x 4ft, 4ft x 4ft, and 4ft x 8ft available. There are also sizes that are 2ft x 2ft and 5ft x 10ft.

There are three options for the bar pattern: 1-bar, 2-bar, and 5-bar. The number of bars on the diamond plate is shown by these designs.

Steel diamond plate can be anywhere from 1.0 mm to 5.0 mm thick. How much weight a plate can hold depends in part on how thick it is.

Overall, the size, bar pattern, and thickness of a steel diamond plate affect how it works and what kinds of uses it can be used for.

Types of Checkered Plate

Checkered Plate Type

There are different kinds of checkered plate based on the material it is made of. Here are a few examples:

1. Aluminum Checkered Plate

Made of aluminum steel, this type is lightweight, resistant to rust, and often used for decoration. It looks good and can keep its worth over time.

2. Mild Steel Checkered Plate

Also called MS checkered plate, it is made of thick and strong mild steel and can handle heavy loads. It is often used for the floors of workshops, the floors of trucks, and steps.

3. Stainless steel checkered plate

Stainless steel is resistant to alkaline, high temperatures, rust, and rusting, making it the best material for checkered plates. It is strong, lasts a long time, and needs less care.

4. Galvanized Checkered Plate

This type is made of steel sheet that has been treated with zinc to protect it from rust and corrosion. It is often used for flooring, elevators, ramps, and decoration.

Based on the features of their materials, these different types of checkered plates have different uses and benefits.

Checkered Plate Price in Philippines

In the Philippines, the price of checkered plate depends on its material, thickness, size, grade, and finish.

It is also affected by quantity and demand on the market and by where the seller and buyer are located.

Checkered Plate SizeThicknessPrice Range
4ft x 8ft0.4mm₱2,585 – ₱3,110
4ft x 8ft 0.5mm₱2,790 – ₱4,110
4ft x 8ft0.6mm₱2,975 – ₱4,155
4ft x 8ft 0.7mm₱3,255 – ₱4,685
4ft x 8ft0.8mm₱3,510 – ₱5,310
4ft x 8ft0.9mm₱3,635 – ₱5,395
4ft x 8ft 1mm₱4,100 – ₱5,390
SS Checkered Plate 4ft x 8ft 1.2mm₱4,805 – ₱7,035
SS Checkered Plate 4ft x 8ft1.3mm₱5,125 – ₱7,430
SS Checkered Plate 4ft x 8ft 1.4mm₱5,440 – ₱7,800
SS Checkered Plate 4ft x 8ft1.5mm₱5,760 – ₱8,290
SS Checkered Plate 4ft x 8ft1.8mm₱6,715 – ₱9,740
SS Checkered Plate 4ft x 8ft 2mm₱7,595 – ₱10,965

The prices given are estimates that may change over time.

Before buying checkered plate in the Philippines, it is best to talk to more than one seller and compare prices.

Things You Should Know About Checkered Plate

Before you buy striped plate in Philippines, you should know these things about it:

  • Checkered plate goes by different names based on its pattern, such as chequer plate, floor plate, tread plate, durbar plate, checkerboard sheet, diamond plate, etc.
  • Checkered plate comes in different types based on its material, such as carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.
  • Depending on how its surface is treated, like galvanizing, painting, powder-coating, etc., a checkered plate can have different coats.
  • Checkered plate has different weights based on its thickness, width, length, density, etc.
  • Checkered plate can be used for different things, like floors, stairs, ramps, walkways, wall protection, decorating, and so on.

Before picking checkered plate for your project, you should think about your needs, budget, preferences, and quality standards.

We hope this piece has helped you learn more about the prices of checkered plates in the Philippines.


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