Barbed Wire Price List and Buying Guide

Many individuals in the Philippines are curious about the price of barbed wire, particularly those who want to secure their homes or farms.

Steel fencing wire with sharp points or edges along the strands is known as barbed wire. It can prevent animals and trespassers from entering or escaping.

Barbed wire costs, on average, between ₱1,005 and ₱2,055 per roll in the Philippines, depending on the brand, quality, and length of the wire.

What is a Barbed Wire?

What is Barbed Wire

Barbed wire is a type of fencing that has spikes or barbs spaced regularly along it.

The barbs are intended to deter animals and people from climbing or crossing the fence.

In the late 19th century, barbed wire was developed and quickly found widespread usage in security, agriculture, and armed conflict.

Barbed Wire Uses

Barbed Wire Used as Fencing

There are several uses for barbed wire, including:

  • Enclosing animals and crops
  • Protection of commercial and governmental properties
  • Preventing theft and trespassing
  • Putting up roadblocks and barriers during military operations
  • Arts and crafts for decorating

Types of Barbed Wire

Depending on the substance, the coating, and the amount of twists, there are various varieties of barbed wire. Common types include the following:

1. Single Twist Barbed Wire

Single Twist Barbed Wire

In this design, a wire strand is wound with barbs around another strand. Although it is simple to install, it is not as strong as other varieties.

2. Double Twist Barbed Wire

Double Twist Barbed Wire

This kind has barbs wrapped into the two strands of wire. Compared to barbed wire with just one twist, it is both stronger and more corrosion resistant.

3. Traditional Barbed Wire

Traditional Barbed Wire

This kind has two-pointed barbs and four twisted strands of wire. It is the most typical and often used variety of barbed wire.

4. Galvanized Barbed Wire

Galvanized Barbed Wire

This kind has a zinc coating that prevents rusting on the steel. Compared to uncoated barbed wire, it is more resilient to weather and abrasion.

5. PVC Coated Barbed Wire

PVC Coated Barbed Wire

This kind has a plastic coating that shields the steel and barbs. In comparison to galvanized barbed wire, it is more appealing and colorful. Additionally, it lessens the chance of infection and harm from the barbs.

6. High Tensile Steel Barbed Wire

High Tensile Steel Barbed Wire

This kind of steel has a higher carbon content, which makes it tougher and stronger. Compared to other forms of barbed wire, it can resist more stress and pressure.

Barbed Wire Price List

Several factors affect the price of barbed wire, including:

  • Type and caliber of the substance
  • Both the roll’s size and weight
  • How many and how big the barbs are
  • The merchant and the place

The average cost of a roll of barbed wire in the Philippines is as follows, based on prices from several online stores.

Galvanized Double Twist Barbed Wire2.3 mm, 50 m₱1,005
Hot Dipped Galvanized Barbed WireGauge #14, 130 m₱1,305
Double Strand Galvanized Barbed Wire2.8 mm, 70 m₱1,353
Galvanized Iron Barbed WireGauge #12, 75 m₱1,585
PVC Coated Barbed WirePVC Coating 0.4 – 0.5 mm, gauge #126 kg (200 ft)₱1,945
Traditional Twist Barbed WireGauge #12, 130 m₱2,055

However, this could change based on the product’s features and accessibility.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are numerous benefits and drawbacks of barbed wire, including:


  • It is affordable and simple to install
  • It works well and is dependable for security.
  • If you take care of it, it can last for a very long period.
  • It is recyclable and reusable.


  • It can harm and infect both humans and animals.
  • It may harm equipment and clothing.
  • By using tools or force, it can be cut or bent.
  • Weather conditions may have an impact.

Things You Should Know about Barbed Wire

  • What was the initial purpose of barbed wire? Michael Kelly created the first barbed wire in 1868 using twisted wires with barbs to enclose livestock.
  • How much barbed wire can you get in the Philippines in one roll? In the Philippines, a roll of barbed wire is typically 1320 feet long, 14 gauge, and placed 5 to 6 inches between.
  • Is it acceptable to use barbed wire in the Philippines? In the Philippines, barbed wire is often acceptable although its installation and upkeep may be subject to particular rules.
  • What material makes up barbed wire? Two strands of 1212 gauge wire with four-point barbs are frequently used to make barbed wire. This type of wire has a breaking strength of 950 pounds and is composed of low tensile steel.
  • How does barbed wire actually function? To prevent people or animals from crossing, barbed wire has twisted wires with sharp barbs set at regular intervals.

Barbed wire serves as an effective security and fencing material. It does, however, have some disadvantages that you should take into account before utilizing it.

If you’re searching for a dependable source of barbed wire in the Philippines, consider Steelworld Manufacturing. This business provides premium goods at cost-effective prices.


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