Andok’s Menu

Andok’s is a Filipino restaurant chain that started as a ‘Litson Manok’ (roasted chicken) stall in Quezon City in 1985. It was founded by Mr. Leonardo “Sandy” Javier Jr. and his wife Cora.

Despite lacking traditional resources, Sandy created a brand based on passion, perseverance, and common sense.

Andok’s success is due to constant innovation, savvy marketing, eye-catching store visibility, affordable pricing, and excellent customer engagement.

The brand expanded to include other popular Filipino dishes, and now has hundreds of take-out and dine-in stores across the country.

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Here is the latest Andok’s menu for Philippines 2023:

Afforda Meals

andoks menu philippine afforda meals
Afforda Meals MenuPrice
Porkcharap Meal₱91.00
Doki2Legs Meal₱94.00
Dokito Meal₱94.00
Spicy Doki2Legs Meal₱94.00
Spicy Dokito Meal₱94.00
Pork Bbq Meal₱105.00
Chicken BBQ Meal₱108.00

BAKA-lik-balikan ang FEB-IBIG

andoks menu philippine baka lik balikan ang feb ibig
BAKA-lik-balikan ang FEB-IBIG MenuPrice
#BAKA-lik-balikan ang FEB-IBIG Combo 1₱611.00
#BAKA-lik-balikan ang FEB-IBIG Combo 2₱611.00


andoks menu philippine favorites
Favorites MenuPrice
BBQ Liempo Meal₱116.00
Pork BBQ sticks (3pcs)₱132.00
Litson Manok₱396.00
Litson Baka₱429.00
Dokito Box₱462.00


andoks menu philippine combodeal
ComboDeal MenuPrice
Salu-Salo Meal A₱845.00

Grab Food Exclusive

andoks menu philippine grab food exclusive
Grab Food Exclusive MenuPrice
1 Litson Manok with 3 Rice and 1.5L Pepsi₱500.00
6-pc Dokito Bucket w/ 6pcs. Rice and 1.5L or 1.75L Pepsi (Any Pepsi Product)₱599.00


andoks menu philippine softdrinks
Softdrinks MenuPrice
Mountain Dew in Can₱38.00
Sprite in Can₱41.00
Royal in Can₱41.00
Coke Zero in Can₱41.00
Coke in Can₱41.00
Pepsi (1.5 Liter)₱71.00
Seven Up (1.5 Liter)₱71.00
Mountain Dew (1.5 Liter)₱71.00
Coke (1.5 Liter)₱74.00
Sprite (1.5 Liter)₱74.00
Royal (1.5 Liter)₱74.00


andoks menu philippine juice
Juice MenuPrice
Del Monte Pineapple₱38.00
C2 Apple (500ml)₱43.00
Tropicana (355ml)₱43.00

M2 Tea

andoks menu philippine m2 tea
M2 Tea MenuPrice
M2 Tea Ready-to-Drink (300ml)₱61.00
M2 Tea Drink (300ml)₱132.00
M2 Tea Drink (1000ml)₱319.00


andoks menu philippine extras
Extras MenuPrice
Spicy Litson Sauce₱9.00
Hot & Spicy Chicharon₱50.00


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